The Swift 10: 10 Famous Spare Elements (or lacking parts)

I’m disturbingly intrigued in healthcare oddities (I know I’m not the only 1 out there, flossers), and the actuality that these belong to men and women we know make them even much more interesting. At least, it does to me. Your mileage may well differ. Our awesome researcher turned up tons of fascinating info on this, so if you guys are as weirdly entertained by this things as I am, look at a part two in the is effective. Go away a comment down below and allow me know if you are for it or in opposition to it.

1. Lily Allen has a third nipple, and she’s not afraid to demonstrate it off (SFW)

2. Mark Wahlberg. I know what you might be contemplating ““ “He was carrying following-to-nothing at all in those Calvin Klein advertisements and I never recall viewing a 3rd nipple.” They airbrushed it out. It really is about the dimension of a quarter and sits just underneath his frequent nipple. He states he once regarded obtaining it eradicated, but has since appear to take it ““ in truth, he has even called it his “prized possession.”

3. Tilda Swinton (SWINTON to you Fug enthusiasts). In contrast to Lily and Mark, Tilda doesn’t seriously go around demonstrating hers off. But it is really there, in accordance to MSNBC.

4. Carrie Underwood was born with a triple nipple but had it taken out just before she skyrocketed to stardom. She truly unveiled this minor tidbit in her American Idol audition.

5. Daryl Hannah shed part of her remaining index finger when she was a youngster ““ she advised the Sunday Moments of South Africa that she got it stuck in a pulley in a properly at her grandma’s property when she was little. Ow. She from time to time wears a prosthetic finger in her movies. She have to be self-aware about it, since of all of the several revealed images of Miss Hannah, I couldn’t obtain a person with her still left index finger exhibiting prominently.


alfonseca /

7. Bond Girl Gemma Arterton (Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace) was born with an extra finger but had it lopped off at start. It was a hereditary thing: her father and granddad experienced 11 digits as perfectly. She explained to Esquire, “I come to feel like we’re 1 stage in advance – a indicator of things to occur.”

And, opposite to well known perception, Anne Boleyn did probably not have an extra finger. Or an further breast. Or additional toes. She was, nevertheless, lacking her head. (Rimshot)


heaton /

9.Patricia Heaton’s missing button is the end result of surgery – she had 4 youngsters by C-Portion and had operation to correct factors. Her belly button was herniated, she claimed, “Then there was that skin that hung there. It failed to work to suck it in. It would not have mattered if I experienced carried out 1,000 sit-ups.”

10. Alfred Hitchcock seemingly joins Patricia and Karolina in the absent stomach button brigade. He as soon as advised actress Karen Black that he didn’t have one particular, and she laughed it off. It appears like a thing strange Hitch would say, appropriate? In accordance to her, he promptly pulled up his shirt and showed her. His was also the result of surgical procedures ““ he experienced a lot of gastrointestinal troubles.

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