Obtain Silent Castle Mod Apk 1.3.10 (Remove Adverts, Unlock People)

Silent Castle Mod is a puzzle match that combines role-enjoying features, acquiring concealed objects and setting up defenses . For the reason that in the game, the player can be a target staying hunted by “devils” or the player is a bloodthirsty demon who is heading all over the Silent Castle in search of souls wandering in this article.

Introducing Silent Castle Mod

A puzzle, protection and escape recreation from the hordes of Soul Eaters!

Several things of horror

Silent Castle Mod
Introducing Silent Castle Mod

This video game is noted by the developer to contain terrifying pictures that can trigger actual physical and mental pain to the participant. Look at diligently prior to collaborating, and adult assistance is expected if demonstrating children underneath 18 a long time of age. Some scenes of excessive enjoyment and anxiety, players really should not proceed, specifically people with health conditions relevant to nerves, coronary heart and blood force.


It’s by now dark and something appears to have damaged into the haunted castle. Players need to have to be cautious mainly because people are Soul Reapers snooping around to steal your souls. 

What must gamers do when that circumstance transpires to them? What’s smarter than the player is to close the doorway, breathe slowly and gradually, stroll quietly, conceal under the bed and set up the military all around with the strongest defense technique to resist the Reaper.

At this level, the gamers will have to have relatively understood the darkish gameplay in the Silent Castle. The game will toss you into a dark aged constructing wherever there are many Devils who specialize in having souls waiting around for an unfortunate individual and that terrible person is you.


The player’s mission is to Make a sound defense in your bedroom to conceal in and use the traps you set up to defeat the Soul Reapers. But want to be incredibly thorough, just a next of currently being absent-minded, superficial, the player’s soul can be “lost” promptly.

Video game Method in Silent Castle 

Bringing you 2 enjoyable position directions is the emphasize of this horror match. Silent Castle presents a lot of different modes, players can pick to be the only living man or woman or the devil Reaper.

Silent Castle Mod
Activity Manner in Silent Castle

Regardless of the purpose, gamers will have a great deal of resources and equipment with their personal searching or defending and combating tactics. Profitable as a result of numerous amounts will support players have more interesting rewards. Particularly if gamers log in for the to start with time, they will obtain a start present that is really worth a test.

The key to taking part in the simple-to-are living Silent Castle recreation

Silent Castle is a series of chases (Soul Reaper) or protection, overcome (victims).

When playing a human: Every scene seems a red Countdown Timer. When the clock seems, the participant requires to leave the corridor immediately to make guaranteed what occurs to the brothers right immediately after.

Silent Castle Mod
The key to playing the easy-to-live Silent Castle game

Nor really should you comply with anyone else into their area. Just about every bed, just about every place is only sufficient for a solitary gamer. If the player enters the area and sees that anyone is already there, get his feet and run out to discover yet another empty space. And if the player does not go away the place but just waits, the Soul Reaper will occur to “pick up” you correct away.

As shortly as an empty area is located, the player desires to go to rest immediately to get gold. Even if the home the participant chooses is greasy or cramped, never get out of bed. Even if the player hears the pounding of doorways, voices, and rattling appears, do not do anything at all but lie on the bed, silent for the automobile protection construction to perform.

FAQs about the sport Silent Castle Mod 

How quite a few secret rooms are there in the Silent Castle? 

In the Silent Castle Mod there are several top secret rooms that no one has found. If a participant stumbles into these rooms and finds them peculiar, they should exit right away. Mainly because if the participant is nevertheless trying to get a mysterious merchandise, the Reaper will hunt you a lot more aggressively and fiercely than at any time.

Does the Silent Castle video game support iOS gadgets?

This Silent Castle supports the two Android and iOS equipment. If you obtain, you need to have to affirm download authorization. 

What requirements to be finished to escape the Devil’s pursuits?

In buy to escape the Devil’s pursuit, the player desires to locate himself a solution room that has no 1 to lie in bed with. 

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Download Silent Castle Mod for Android

Silent Castle Mod is a puzzle recreation to uncover objects and construct evil demon protection in a haunted castle. If gamers adore the horror style, adore the gore video games, then be sure to give it a attempt right away with Silent Castle.


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