Learning Tagalog From a Native Speaker

If you want to find out Tagalog, the most straightforward way to do so is to discuss consistently with a Filipino who grew up with the language and talk to him or her to translate words and phrases frequently for you. Immediately after that the memorization of text is up to you. Having a person to translate English words and phrases and phrases to Tagalog and vice-versa can be quite handy when discovering the language.

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I have a classmate who was born in and lived in an English talking region. Her father is Filipino. She does not communicate significantly Tagalog besides for phrases these as “ang pangalan ko ay…” which in English implies “my title is….” Regardless of her lack of fluency in Tagalog, it did not hinder us from communicating with each and every other because English is widely spoken in the Philippines.

Throughout the first semester, the teacher mentioned I should really find a seat future to her. Soon after course we chatted and she mentioned how much she required to understand Tagalog. She stated that she would be dwelling in the Philippines for pretty a although. I volunteered to assistance her understand much more Tagalog. We made the decision to meet as soon as per week to observe and communicate only in Tagalog.

On that very first day we organized to observe Tagalog, we started with a handful of essential words and phrases and useful phrases these kinds of as “what is your identify?” The translation of this is “ano (what) ang pangalan (identify) mo (your).” She by now understood the reaction to this question which is “ang pangalan ko ay…” which all over again suggests “my identify is……”

She asked me how to say “do you know how to cook?” in Tagalog. I replied that the translation of her issue was “marunong ka ba kung paano magluto.” The phrase for “know” is “marunong,” and “how” is “paano.” To say “cook” we can use “magluto.”

She desired me to translate the names of some of the widespread fruits and greens. I begun off by declaring that initially of all the term for “typical” is “karaniwan,” while the word for “veggies” is “gulay,” and to say “fruits” the term for that is “prutas.” I also talked about the names of veggies usually uncovered right here in the Philippines and these incorporate: tomato, cassava, okra, and pumpkin. In Tagalog these are kamatis, kamoteng kahoy, okra, and kalabasa, respectively. As for fruits, I stated: watermelon, pineapple, soursop, and guava. These fruits in Tagalog are recognized as pakwan, pinya, guyabano, and bayabas respectively.

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The Tagalog periods we experienced definitely assisted my classmate get started with mastering Tagalog text. Meeting with a Filipino and mastering the language from them is a excellent way to master it. An different way of finding out is by means of the Net. You can use cyber house to enable you learn the language. Using audio components can also be a large assist. Or better yet, take an instructional trip to the Philippines to get accustomed to the language and culture.