Haiti – FLASH : Until the last moment, President Moïse hoped for the intervention of security agents

Haiti – FLASH : Until the last moment, President Moïse hoped for the intervention of security agents
03/08/2021 09:57:12

Haiti - FLASH : Until the last moment, President Moïse hoped for the intervention of security agents

Sunday, August 1 Martine Moïse was the 8:00 am guest of star reporter Anderson Cooper of CNN in South Florida. Returning to the night of the assassination of her husband, President Jovenel Moïse, she spoke of automatic gunfire outside their house around 1 a.m. pointing out “At that time, I didn’t even think that they were going to be able to get into the room where we were, because we had about 30 or 50 security guards […] Yet they did, in a massive security failing that Haitian authorities still have not explained […]”

Once they realized armed men had entered the house, the presidential couple tried to hide on the ground behind their bed.

From where she was lying on the ground, her forearm broken by a burst fired when the attackers entered the presidential suite, Martine Moïse said she could only see the boots of the intruders who were looking for something “They came to the room to find something, because I heard them saying in Spanish, ‘No es eso, no es eso — eso es’ (in Spanish: ‘That’s not it, that’s not it — that’s it’). Which means they found what they were looking for.”

Only then did they turn their attention to the president on the floor and make a phone call […] He was alive at the time. They said he was tall, skinny and Black, and maybe the person on the phone confirmed to the shooter that was him. Then they shot him […]” https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-34181-haiti-news-zapping.html “the attackers never addressed the president directly, and Mr. Moise said nothing to them in the moments before his execution,” then left, leaving the First Lady for dead…

“Even after the attack, the security guards charged with protecting Haiti’s first family never came,” underlines the former First Lady of Haiti, specifying that several dozen guards are usually stationed on the property and their dormitories are in the basement of the house “The guards wouldn’t leave without an order. Maybe they received an order to leave, this is what I think […] I believe the president died with the hope that his security team would come.”

Recall that according to the information disclosed by the authorities, no guard was injured when the men of the commandos crossed the main door, crossed the enclosure, forced the door and entered the house.

There is no doubt that what the presidential security agents know, or have seen, is essential testimony to the investigation. At least 24 police officers were arrested but it should be noted as revealed by CNN https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-34343-haiti-assassination-of-the-president-many-obstacles-threaten-the-smooth-conduct-of-the-investigation.html that the forensic investigators were not allowed to meet them and collect the testimony of the agents present during the attack on the President’s residence.

For Martine Moïse, the real intellectual authors are always free “The people that they arrested are the people who pulled the trigger. They wouldn’t pull the trigger with no orders. So the main characters that we need are the people who paid for that. And the people that gave the order.”

She doubts the ability of local authorities to uncover the truth, recalling that her husband had made dangerous enemies among the country’s powerful oligarchs by attempting to terminate or rewrite lucrative government contracts. “There are powerful people in Haiti. And because of their power, I’m not sure that the current investigation can find answers” calling for an independent investigation led by the UN.

It should be noted that so far 44 suspects have been arrested, but none have been formally charged.

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Haiti – FLASH : A 4th police officer arrested in direct connection with the assassination of President Moïse

01/08/2021 09:12:53

Haiti – FLASH : A 4th police officer arrested in direct connection with the assassination of President Moïse

Friday July 30, 2021, 23 days after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, during a press briefing, Marie-Michelle Verrier Spokesperson for the National Police of Haiti (PNH), announced that the investigation was progressing fast and take stock.

She said that so far 44 suspects have been arrested and their role in the attack is being investigated.

Of these 44 suspects, 12 police officers were arrested either for negligence or for their direct involvement. On this last point, the Spokesperson presented a 4th policeman arrested (William Moïse) who joined 3 other of his arrested colleagues, who have a direct link in the assassination of the Head of State “[…] They have accompanied Colombians from their arrival on the national territory until the day of the crime. On the day of the act, these police officers were present at the scene,” the spokesperson said.

Summary in figures :

44 suspects arrested including 18 former Colombian soldiers;

1 Arrest of one of the alleged intellectual authors of this attack https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-34210-haiti-flash-arrest-of-one-of-the-intellectual-authors-of-the-assassination-of-president-moise-and-an-attempted-coup.html

46 hearings carried out;

9 police officers in isolation

4 police officers under protective measure;

14 houses searched in Haiti and many others in the United States by the FBI.

Marie-Michelle Verrier indicated that the police are still looking for other suspects and specified that significant rewards will be given to anyone whose information would allow the arrest of the wanted persons, without specifying the amount of these responses…

But the mystery remains about the identity of the mastermind and the sponsors of this plot …

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