Granny Chapter Two Mod APK 1.1.9 (Menu, God mode, No ads)

Granny Chapter Two is a sport for individuals who like horror genres. The plot is also created in the similar way as the ghost motion pictures. Here, you will renovate into a pedestrian. Due to terrible weather conditions, it is obligatory to go to people’s homes to snooze. The tragedy also commences below. In the dwelling, there is a few, Granny and Grandpa. Definitely you will not be amazed when you see their visual appearance. Because the pair has a monstrous appearance that is very scary, unlike standard men and women. When you wake up the subsequent day, you uncover you in a dim space. The player’s undertaking is to do all the things possible to get out of that spot. This is the attraction and fun in the match. Stimulate these who want to examine the secret with horror factors. You need to be quite very careful in your every single go. Because the other couple often usually takes benefit of the player’s inattentiveness to catch and lock them in the area. Plan very carefully to get out of that darkish and frightening place.

Download Granny Chapter Two Mod – Escape from the horror house

At each degree, you only have 5 days. Nonetheless, the corresponding time is in the video game, not the exact same as in reality. Players have to have to locate a way to get out as promptly as probable. Try not to make a seem due to the fact Granny will arrive and can kill you at any time. Move carefully to a secure area, uncover a hiding position so that the other few does not come across out. They will generally stroll all around the home to examine on your existence. To fool them, players can manage their character with distinctive positions these as lying, sitting down still, or relocating. As prolonged as it is inside their command. Then uncover a far better possibility to operate away. Players can make use of almost everything in the home. For illustration: open up the manhole protect and get out, use the iron bar to punch the wall, and so forth. But when you see a risk signal, halt every little thing and standstill. If detected, it will be viewed as that you did not entire the stage and have to start from the starting. Join Granny Chapter Two Mod to conquer all difficult difficulties.

Granny Chapter Two mod


The major character in the game is Granny and her partner, Grandpa, who often discover methods to kill individuals. Unfortunately, you are just one of them. They have a monstrous visual appearance that scares anyone. When you wake up you find yourself in a cold place. Try to get out of there promptly. However, the other couple constantly finds a way to scare you. Players can command their character to a protected shelter. Or to idiot the other 2 monstrous people today, transfer in entrance of them then go quickly in the reverse way.

Granny Chapter Two mod apk

Adaptable movement

Use the joystick button on the remaining aspect of the screen to manage your character. Granny Chapter Two has very significant high-quality and resolution so it is really quick to do. In addition, on the appropriate facet of the monitor, there are buttons to pick the character’s posture. Such as Lying, sitting down, standing, etc… You can use them in accordance to the problem. Manage your character to exit rapidly and finish the level. Move to a safe spot, do not allow Granny detect and successfully escape.

Granny Chapter Two game mod

Haunted property

When you wake up, you don’t know why you are in this room. On the wall full of cobwebs, the partitions are painted in dim shades and the creepy audio increases the drama. Surrounded by ghostly pictures. That will make you really fearful and have to obtain your very own way out of listed here. Just make a modest audio, not only the Granny couple show up, but also a lot of other ghosts. So act meticulously and meticulously. Do not permit them detect and efficiently escape.

Operate and cover

The participant diligently leaves the space and goes to find the keys that are randomly hidden in the residence. If you want to distract the ghosts to be ready to transfer a lot more effortlessly. Turn on the radio and transform the other way and disguise in a risk-free spot. Everything you have to have to locate is obtainable in the residence. However, a thorough look for should be built. Because it can be in sites that are difficult to uncover this sort of as drawers, underdrawers, or on top of fridges, etc. Go to basements and doors in the residence to uncover your way out.

Granny Chapter Two mod apk

Despite the fact that it is a video game with horror things, Granny Chapter Two is pretty attractive to gamers. Gameplay has numerous match modes from straightforward to tricky for everybody to conquer. Choose the smartest way to not be trapped by those hungry ghosts. Find a way to escape immediately to maintain your daily life. Download Granny Chapter Two Mod conquer all the problems in the monstrous house, move all the degrees, and turn out to be the bravest.

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