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Kio’s Experience is an incredibly interesting survival adventure sport. It is established in a faculty where by a pupil named Kio experiences an earthquake. She is then transported to a peculiar earth comprehensive of monsters and organs. Kio will have to be supported by the gamers to depart this horrible world. Let’s investigate this activity via the pursuing sharing.

About Kio’s Journey

About Kio's Adventure

This match is an adventure survival horror match. You participate in as Kio and the activity begins with you in a dungeon. However, as you go, you go to other destinations. A person of them is a horrifying apartment. The place a terrifying gentleman is viewing you. You will will need to remedy some puzzles all through the activity. The recreation Kio’s Journey achieved rave evaluations. Because, it does not put the problems much too difficult.

Storyline in Kio’s Experience

Kio’s Adventure is an journey recreation of a horror nature. You will participate in as Kio, a younger woman eager to enter faculty. She is accompanied by her companions: llusion and Domini. On the other hand, an earthquake occurred while Kio was eating at a cafe. From here, she is despatched to a dungeon in a reversed universe.

How to enjoy in Kio’s Journey

How to play in Kio's Adventure

You require to search for merchandise, use them to clear up puzzles and have interaction in battle. You should only struggle as a very last vacation resort most of the time for the reason that ammo is extremely minimal! The video game is enjoyable to perform and has a definitely ominous ambiance in the course of. The match can only be played with the keyboard, which is all right, but I would like it supported controllers.

Your goal is to guide Kio in leaving this position. And rescue her close friends. Players will have to resolve puzzles and interact with NPCs. This will involve them to make selections that have a selection of outcomes. The first aspect is a very long, zigzag cellar. Exactly where there had been a number of bodies and there was always a risk that the ceiling over could slide in.

You will get to the library following leaving the basement. Then satisfy the bookshelves that will tumble on you. Kio will then meet up with Bobo, the boss. The player will go to the faculty following functioning absent from Bobo. Dependent on the conclusions built, many results will consequence.

Some extraordinary functions when participating in Kio’s Journey

When you sign up for Kio’s Journey, you will see the following characteristics that the activity integrates:

Has the help of numerous people in the recreation

In the sport, there are a few close friends who will aid your Kio character. That is:


Very best mate Kio is a superior faculty pupil with extensive black hair and eyes of the same coloration. She wears a blue dress and an unbuttoned white shirt. She tends to converse her thoughts, focus on get the job done and perform, and like herself additional than she enjoys other folks. She assists Kio in his mission to rescue Domini.


Has limited blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue dress and an unbuttoned white shirt. She shares Kio’s optimistic and naive nature. But she is also really eye-catching to guys. Relationship is her primary objective. In the video game, she is in threat most of the time.

Challenge playing with a lot of ferocious monsters

There are 4 most important bosses in the recreation. A hooded ghost named Sadako (a feminine ghost in a college toilet in Japan). Bobo is the second boss he is a huge lunatic. Bobo preferred to slash off people’s heads to see blood seeping out of their necks. The 3rd boss is a worm that likes to chunk the bones of other creatures. The player need to use resources to uncover the closing boss as it is concealed in the game’s screen.

Wonderful graphic structure, satisfying gamers

When enjoying, the video game will display uncomplicated, effortless-to-remember 3D cube pictures. The sport will revert to the anime-model 2D visuals in the chat. The game’s darkish, sombre color conveys the serious suffering of the expertise.

Fantastic sound, odd to the ear

The eerie wind, the villains’ laughter, the faint seem of blood, and the eerie stillness are all integrated into the game to build a level of dread.

Some usually asked thoughts about Kio’s Experience

Some frequently asked questions about Kio's Adventure

1. Kio’s Adventure is a sexual intercourse activity or a horror recreation?

A lot of people today feel that Kio’s Experience is a sexual intercourse video game. But in actuality when playing, it is largely horror-oriented. The scenes in the recreation area are mainly stuffed with demise, gore and violence.

2. How numerous folks can Kio’s Adventure enjoy?

Kio’s Experience permits only one particular man or woman to take part in this activity. For that reason, you can only solve all predicaments in the match by yourself.

3. Is Kio’s Journey for youngsters?

The activity has too several scenes of violence, killing, fighting… Consequently, kids will not be allowed to take part in this match.

Download Kio’s Journey for Android, IOS

Kio’s Journey is a new game and has pinned the obtain website link in this posting. Hence, you can quickly obtain and take part in the challenge. In addition, similar games can be described such as: Alto’s Journey , Botworld Experience , Mobile Legends: Journey ,…


Consequently, we have shared from AZ details about Kio’s Adventure. Hope you will fully refer to start the activity quickly and acquire.

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