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My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is a simulation activity about an really attractive like story, made by Genius. The player’s alternatives will have an affect on the path of the story. In other text, each individual player decision will lead to a distinctive ending, it all depends on you.

My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Courting Sim – Exciting Really like Story 

All Genius video games have lovable chibi anime graphics. If the participant is a lover of romance and romance anime or the participant is solitary, do not overlook this sport. 

The recreation assists gamers knowledge appreciate stories, brothers can meet and chat with extremely wonderful 2D ladies,… And there are many other desirable items waiting for gamers to uncover.

Fantasy storyline

My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim
My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim – Interesting Really like Tale

The plot in My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Courting Sim is exceptionally passionate but a little bit magical, not authentic. Have you ever imagined that when you are on your way dwelling, there is a whining voice from the park? 

Players will cautiously approach the put the place there is a bizarre noise and the brothers will meet an injured woman lying right in entrance of them. With dread and nervousness, the player cautiously approached the woman when she promptly held her hand and demanded strangely: “Please give me some of your blood.” 

Bringing a passionate love 

It seems like a horror motion picture at 1st look, but in reality, My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is a intimate really like tale of 2 principal people. Just after waking up, you are surprised to wake up, you are in bed and have the thought that everything previous night time was just a aspiration. 

All the things adjustments when gamers see a female named Alice in the living place and she is consuming donuts. Whilst the gamer is a person who is not recognized by any of the women, there is just one girl who is in her have house. At the exact same time, two classmates, Merle and Seychelles, began to consider to get closer to her. The brothers’ life have develop into much more fascinating since that night…


The lady you achieved in the residing room was Alice, a grumpy and tough-spoken tsundere dragon female just to address her humiliation. She is sweet. And Alice is the same person you satisfied that evening. 

To get back power for her tribe, Alice had to struggle the rulers of the demon entire world. But Alice was wounded in the war and fell into the human environment. Just after becoming saved by the brothers, Alice determined to remain by her aspect to repay, a very valuable details for the brothers is that she loves donuts mainly because it is the initial meals she enjoys when in the human environment.

My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim
Merle is commissioned to go to the human world to provide Alice back

Seychelles, as regular, players are drawn into her environment but she is a dragon deserted by the tribe and decided to go to the human entire world, dwelling like a ordinary man or woman.

Merle, a clumsy and sweet dragon. She discovers Alice has fallen into the human environment and Merle from the demon environment has arrive here to provide Alice again. Whilst the two are from various worlds, Merle is a dragon that worships the god of peace, so Merle does not hesitate to have out the entrusted mission to arrive to the human planet to provide Alice back again.

FAQs about My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Courting Sim

Why there are 3 woman people, who should I pick out best in My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Relationship Sim? 

The video game has the path of a harem anime like: Merge Dragons, Dragon & Elfs, Gacha Lovable. So you will be preferred by lots of ladies at at the time and you can pick out any just one. 3 girls from one more world have all fallen in love with the player, the harem style typically has an open ending, that is, the feminine character selected by the male lead will not be unveiled. But this match is not like that, you are essential to select 1 of them to be your have everyday living husband or wife, this is also the attraction Genius has introduced.

Is the ending of My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Courting Sim an open up ending or not? 

There are some persons who like Alice, but with Merle and Seychelles far too, if the ending is open to a intimate enjoy story, you surely won’t be capable to satisfy all players. As a result, the gamer can pick 1 girl amongst them, who the gamer feels cherished and received all the enjoy for that man or woman. The ending is up to you. 

What’s appealing about the graphics in My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim? 

Anime Courting Sim owns 2D anime model graphics created quite sweet and gorgeous. Just by searching at the physical appearance, you can also guess the character of the characters. 

Down load My Dragon Girlfriend : Anime Courting Sim Apk for Android

Players need to also attempt the sensation of the male direct, the experience of staying found by a lot of attractive and charming ladies at the similar time. Then consider My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim LMHMOD, a video game that delivers an fascinating courting experience.

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