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Andy Warhol is most effective regarded for building legendary Pop artwork paintings of Campbell’s soup cans and Marilyn Monroe in the 1960s. With the Factory, his New York City studio, he built films (this sort of as Chelsea Girls) and championed bohemian performers (like Edie Sedgwick and Nico) that he deemed superstars. He also co-established Job interview magazine and presciently declared that anyone in the future will be entire world-famous for 15 minutes. 

Just after leaving their village in present-day Slovakia to occur to The usa, Andrej (or Ondrej) and Julia Warhola welcomed their son Andrew Warhola to the earth on August 6, 1928. The spouse and children, including Warhol’s two older brothers, lived humbly in a tiny condominium in a performing-course neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Andrej worked as a development worker and coal miner but died of tuberculosis peritonitis when Warhol was 13.

Warhol grew up as a practising Byzantine Catholic, and he quietly continued to observe his religion as an grownup. He went to a church on Manhattan’s Upper East Side virtually every single day, attending Mass or praying in the afternoon. Warhol also wore a crucifix necklace, carried a rosary, and frequently volunteered at a church-run soup kitchen area. Some of his artwork, these kinds of as his sequence The Previous Supper, depicts spiritual themes, and Warhol is buried in a Catholic cemetery in Pennsylvania.

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In 1966 and 1967, Warhol arranged functions dubbed The Exploding Plastic Inescapable to blend his pursuits in art, functionality, new music, and film. He featured the Velvet Underground in The Exploding Plastic Inescapable and encouraged the band to accomplish with Nico, one particular of his superstars. Warhol then co-managed the band, produced the Velvet Underground and Nico’s self-titled album, and permit the band use his banana artwork as its album protect.

Warhol’s buddies and inventive collaborators in the Manufacturing unit known as him Drella, a portmanteau of the names Dracula and Cinderella. Since he was often insincere and flippant, primarily in interviews, it could be challenging to uncover Warhol’s correct ideas. But the nickname Drella conveyed the passive-aggressive, Jekyll and Hyde-like mother nature of his individuality. Two members of the Velvet Underground even produced an album in Warhol’s memory known as Songs For Drella.

In 1977, Warhol started off producing a series of abstract paintings known as The Oxidations. Employing a base of copper paint, he added urine to oxidize the paint, creating exceptional hues and textures. Warhol encouraged his pals to urinate on the canvases. For the reason that each person’s diet regime and vitamin intake differed, their urine developed marginally diverse colours in the oxidation procedure and turned the copper paint several shades of eco-friendly, brown, and yellow. In 2008, a person of his paintings in this series sold for practically $2 million.

In the 1950s and ’60s, Warhol worked as a freelance commercial artist for businesses these types of as Harper’s Bazaar, RCA Documents, and Columbia Documents. Moreover producing include artwork for the Velvet Underground, he intended album artwork for the Rolling Stones, John Cale, and Aretha Franklin. His 1971 address for the Rolling Stones’s album Sticky Fingers—a risqué picture of a man’s crotch (in denims) with a doing the job zipper—was nominated for a Grammy Award for Finest Album Include. (It lost to a band known as Air pollution.)

In his early 20s, Warhol commenced going bald, so he wore wigs to obscure his hair loss. His silver wigs—he had a selection of dozens—contributed to his bohemian image and avant-garde mystique. Warhol’s legendary 1986 collection of self-portraits, known as Fright Wig, demonstrates his (faux) hair sticking straight up. In 2010, his purple self-portrait marketed at Sotheby’s for extra than $32 million.

Until finally her death in 1972, Julia Warhola was her son’s shut and continuous companion. Mom and son lived and worked jointly in New York Metropolis for virtually two decades. Julia appeared in his film Mrs. Warhol and offered calligraphy and lettering for his jobs. A selection of her drawings is even on display screen at Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum.

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Warhol admired Truman Capote’s get the job done and way of life, but the playwright did not truly feel the same. Recalling his conference with a pre-fame Warhol (whom Capote claimed had been essentially stalking him), Capote described the artist as “one of those hopeless folks that you just know nothing’s ever likely to materialize to. Just a hopeless, born loser, the loneliest, most friendless man or woman I might ever viewed in my lifestyle.” Inspite of this cruel description, Capote later on warmed to Warhol, and the two adult males had occasional lunches and collaborated on Interview magazine.

But their romance was additional as frenemies than as BFFs. Warhol reportedly stated that a person of Capote’s scripts was dreadful and that in 1980, the creator experienced become quite distant and unfriendly: “It’s unusual, he is like one particular of people persons from outer space—the system snatchers—because it can be the identical human being, but it is not the similar particular person.”

In 1968, Valerie Solanas shot Warhol (as well as art critic Mario Amaya) at the Manufacturing facility. Warhol fought for his everyday living, spending two months in the healthcare facility recovering from his upper body wound. Solanas, a radical feminist author diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia who advocated overthrowing the authorities and getting rid of gentlemen, had appeared in Warhol’s film I, a Guy (that’s Solanas speaking on a staircase). She was mad at the level of manage she felt Warhol experienced around her existence, so she shot him. Approximately two a long time later, Warhol died in 1987 of a coronary heart assault soon after a gallbladder medical procedures, perhaps due to complications from the gunshot wound.

In 1959, Warhol joined forces with his buddy, inside decorator Suzie Frankfurt, to generate a cookbook known as Wild Raspberries. Mocking the style of trendy French cookbooks, Warhol and Frankfurt wrote recipes for “dishes” these kinds of as Omelet Greta Garbo (to be eaten on your own), Roast Iguana Andalusian, and Gefilte of Combating Fish. While the handmade cookbooks contained 19 Warhol illustrations, Wild Raspberries wasn’t a industrial results.

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Considering the fact that 1994, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh has featured a treasure trove of Warhol-associated items, which includes his paintings, drawings, sculptures, films, and pictures. You can also find difficulties of Interview journal, his audiotaped recordings, diaries, wigs, and massive perfume assortment. Potentially most interestingly, the museum houses much more than 600 Warhol time capsules, made up of about three decades’ really worth of his newspapers, company paperwork, and childhood mementos.

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