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Cheetos have appeared in quite a few flavors and types due to the fact they were introduced in 1948 (there was even a Cheetos cheese-flavored lip balm!). But not all have endured. Listed here are a handful of Cheetos snacks that you are going to no longer come across in U.S. retailers.

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Most food models have experimented with pizza-flavored snacks, due to the fact pizza is the ideal foodstuff. Cheetos joined the pizza celebration about 2001 and still left it in 2006. “The first Cheetos flavor was not truly detectable,” an nameless person wrote on Phood, a neighborhood food items assessment blog. “Cheese pizza was, even though. The flavoring tasted just about precisely like the filling flavor of Cheese Pizza Combos.” A further member of the site agreed, writing, “I love them with all of my heart. Almost certainly the greatest chip I’ve had in a prolonged time.”


These cat paw-formed puffs, launched in 1990, lasted a mere a few decades as solo treats, but they can nonetheless be observed in Cheetos Cracker Trax and Cheetos White Cheddar Bag of Bones. In the Fb group Dear Cheetos: Carry back Paws/Checkers/X’s and O’s, a woman posted this electronic mail reaction from PepsiCo just after inquiring them to provide Cheetos Paws back again: “There are lots of causes why a solution may well be discontinued, but it is normally due to the fact there usually are not ample customers like you buying it. In some cases retailers end carrying slower-offering items to make place for other goods.” The corporation also apologized and despatched the supporter a coupon in the mail.


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As the identify implies, these puffs arrived in X and O designs. They were being launched in 1999, but discontinued the future year. One unforgettable commercial for the products highlighted Chester Cheetah on a match present. The mascot was distracted by a baby eating the snack, but luckily for us all of the responses to the trivia queries were “X’s and O’s” the grand prize, naturally, was a convertible whole of the puffs. The snack however has supporters: 1 Fb team has 801 associates who want X’s and O’s and Cheetos Paws to make a comeback.

Launched in 1995 and gone by 1998, these waffle-shaped Cheetos are the subject matter of random threads everywhere from bodybuilding boards to subreddits that emphasis on nostalgia. “I have invested at the very least a sum whole of 45 minutes these days pondering about the Checkers and how bad I want them,” a person Cheesy Checkers supporter wrote in a “provide again” Facebook group in 2010.

The similar 12 months that Cheetos Tacky Checkers ended up discontinued, Zig Zags were released. They had been very similar to the unique crunchies in texture, but much more intently resembled cheese-covered crinkle slice fries. The jagged snack was around right up until 2002, when Cheetos Twisted was born.


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Thicker than the common puffs and created in spiral designs, Cheetos Twisted existed from 2002 to 2012 right before quietly disappearing. A fan inquired about the snack in a 2013 write-up to the Frito-Lay Facebook web site, and the firm’s social media crew verified the discontinuation, producing, “We know it really is a bummer, but we will be certain to pass your be aware on to our Cheetos staff so they know they have followers who skip the snack. Thanks!”

These Cheetos treats—which some have described as Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with out the heat—haven’t been obtainable in the U.S. considering that the late 1990s, but enthusiasts regularly publish messages to the Frito-Lay Facebook page to request that the taste make a comeback in the States.


chee_1610b_lvl.eps3164-1449094334159.JPEG /


This chip- and dip-inspired snack was liked by quite a few all-around 2012, but then it vanished. When a admirer questioned Frito-Lay on Fb if the taste had been discontinued in 2012, the manufacturer responded that they were still accessible and directed the hungry buyer to their snack finder tool on the web, but PepsiCo verified to mental_floss by way of e-mail that the snack is no extended readily available below in the United States. That has not stopped enthusiasts from striving to deliver it back again. Somebody began a Modify.org petition past calendar year to have Frito-Lay deliver it back, but there weren’t enough signatures and the petition was closed.


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Introduced all around 2011, PepsiCo verified to mental_floss that Honey BBQ Cheetos Puffs are “not at the moment in marketplace in the U.S.” Lovers of the snack will have to find the Honey BBQ taste in other Frito-Lay items, together with Lay’s potato chips and Fritos Taste Twists.

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