7 Major Facts About the Flemish Huge Rabbit

When you assume pet rabbit, you probably imagine the fluffy minimal bunny you obtained to just take care of for a weekend in the course of kindergarten—not a single that is the dimensions of a smaller, carrot-consuming toddler. But if you happen to be in the industry for a pet that hops like a bunny but steals food items off the kitchen area table like a pet, then the Flemish Huge rabbit is the a single for you. Listed here are 7 lengthy info about these particular creatures.

The male Flemish Large can weigh up to 22 pounds and the woman can get up to 20 lbs .. At most, they mature to be 2.5 feet lengthy.

Rhiannon Boyle by means of Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.

A male rabbit (a.k.a. a buck) has a broader head than a female (doe). The woman rabbit has a dewlap—a massive flap of skin beneath her chin—used to continue to keep her offspring heat.

The Nationwide Federation of Flemish Big Rabbit Breeders recognizes Black, Blue, Fawn, Light-weight Grey, Steel Grey, Sandy, and White as the official coloration versions. In 1916, only Light Grays, Steels, and Blacks were being acknowledged. Blues and Whites were being acknowledged in 1919, Sandy in 1924, and Fawn in 1938.

American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.[PDF]

The Federation was launched in 1915 by a team of four Flemish Giant rabbit breeders. This yr, they rejoice the 100th anniversary of the Flemish Large National Show. At demonstrates, rabbits are posed in distinct strategies so judges can analyze their bodies and enamel. To be suitable to contend, the rabbit need to be one particular of the 7 acknowledged colours and be entered into the accurate age class. “The American Rabbit Breeders Association Conventional of Perfection” dictates that a rabbit beneath six months and at least 6.5 lbs . is suitable for entry in the Junior course, a person concerning 6 and eight months is viewed as Intermediate, and 8 months and older ought to be entered as a Senior.

Flemish Giants are still employed for meat (specially in stews), but their significant bone composition and pricey diet plan usually means you’re not getting a great deal bang for your buck. Now, they are typically bred for display or as pets owing to their docile character and 8 to 10 year daily life span.

In 2010, the paper ran an “job interview” with Herbie, Prospect Park Zoo’s 18-pound rabbit, to endorse the zoo’s Are living Encounters Software. It was essentially an interview with Denise McClean, the zoo’s director [PDF]. McClean unveiled that Herbie was domestic and “almost certainly would not be capable to endure out in the wild on my personal.” In reaction to the issue “Do you ever misbehave?” she explained, “Flemish Large rabbits have litters that operate from five to 12 bunnies. If you remaining me with a female, you could conclusion up with a entire large amount of rabbits.”

Even so, authorities appear to agree that they were being bred in 16th century Belgium. The 1st reliable file of their existence dates back to 1860’s England when, according to Thomas Coatoam’s “Origins of the Flemish Giants” posted in the 1983 edition of the National Federation of Flemish Rabbit Breeders Manual Reserve, travelers returning from Flanders explained to tales of massive rabbits. In 1890, they crossed the significant pond and came to the United States.

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