6 Other Puzzles Invented by the Creator of the Rubik’s Cube

by James Hunt

Ernő Rubik was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1944. You likely understand his identify, and which is for the reason that in 1974 he produced the Rubik’s Cube, the handheld puzzle that would go on to come to be a worldwide obsession by the 1980s and over and above. (It can be approximated that a lot more than 350 million have been offered, in addition to hundreds of variants and alternate variations.)

Even though Rubik under no circumstances managed that degree of achievements once again, that failed to prevent him from inventing. Below are 6 additional of Rubik’s puzzles.

Subsequent the results of his eponymous dice, Rubik invented several far more twisting-based mostly mechanical puzzles. The Rubik’s Domino looked equivalent to a dice, but had 1 layer taken off so that it was composed of just 18 smaller sized cubes somewhat than 27. The aim was to rearrange the figures one particular through nine (introduced making use of domino-type dots) on equally sides—black on white and white on black—so that they were in the correct get. Even though it experienced 406,425,600 opportunity positions, it could be solved in just 19 moves—if you realized how, of program.

A different mechanical puzzle based about twisting, the Rubik’s Cheese was invented shortly right after the Cube’s launch, then patented (below the title “Shiftable Component Puzzle”) in 1983. To address the Cheese you had to group two levels of colored pieces jointly so that all 12 have been matched accurately, twisting it in fifty percent to go groups of six parts all-around at a time.

The Cheese was later on changed by the Rubik’s UFO, which labored in a comparable way but resembled a flying saucer and experienced two levels of parts which could be twisted all around the middle as well as folded in excess of.

The Rubik’s Magic is composed of eight tiles which are joined by wires, which let them to be folded and manipulated into a wide range of styles. Initially depicting a few unlinked rings, the goal is to fold the Magic into a coronary heart form, which displays 3 joined rings. Despite the fact that much from easy, it can be solved in fewer than 1 second by the quickest gurus. In 1987, a Grasp Version was launched which experienced 12 tiles and showed five different rings.


Fewer of course a puzzle, the Rubik’s Snake (also known as the Rubik’s Twist) consists of 24 connected triangular prisms which can be twisted and folded but not pulled aside. The intention is for the participant to recreate a selection of designs (i.e. animals, or a sphere) by twisting the snake, as well as coming up with his or her own creations.

Mathematician Peter Aylett computed that there had been 6,770,518,220,623 unique and legitimate approaches to fold the snake—although clearly not all of them resemble something appealing.

In the 1990s, Rubik arrived up with the Rubik’s Tangle—a 25-piece tile puzzle depicting lengths of string in 4 unique colors. Every single puzzle piece is identically sized and can be rotated by means of 4 distinct orientations. Two items are truly similar, this means there are two “appropriate” methods to the Tangle—a exceptional characteristic amongst Rubik’s puzzles.

6. RUBIK’S 360

By Oldsoft – Personal function, General public Area, Wikimedia Commons

Right after over a decade pursuing other ventures, Rubik returned to the globe of mechanical puzzles in 2009 with the Rubik’s 360. The puzzle requires manipulating a distinct plastic sphere so that the 6 balls within it are positioned into the colour-coded compartments. As opposed to the Rubik’s Cube, it appears to be unachievable to resolve the puzzle using very simple algorithms. As a outcome, the quickest recorded time for fixing the Rubik’s 360 is 37.02 seconds—far longer than the sub-10 seconds it requires the speediest players to address a Rubik’s Dice.

And although which is it for toys, it is really really worth pointing out that Rubik also attempted his hand at other innovations. Our favorites? The gentle plane frame built to allow pilots to choose off and land on their personal ft, and these nifty clamp-style clothespins. We are nevertheless ready for both of these to turn up in suppliers.

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