11 Retired Woman Scout Badges

March 12, 2022, marks the 110th anniversary of the Woman Scouts of the United states, an organization launched in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Very low that’s devoted to instilling self esteem in young gals ages 5 to 18, whether they ended up Daisies (kindergarten to very first quality), Brownies (2nd and third grade), Juniors (fourth and fifth grade), Cadettes (sixth via eighth quality), Seniors (ninth and tenth quality), or Ambassadors (eleventh and twelfth quality).

In buy to gain a shiny new badge for their sash or vest, Lady Scouts have to complete a established of responsibilities centered about an action like camping, 1st assist, or coding. These badges, which had been designed as an incentive to assistance younger females find out new skills—and satisfy society’s expectations of the forms of functions females must excel in—have transformed a ton given that 1912. Which means that a amount of sexist, politically incorrect, and outright strange Woman Scouts badges have fortuitously been retired more than the decades. In this article are 11 of the strangest ones.

Tooth Brushing

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Released in 1947 and retired in 1980, this overtly sexist Cadette badge was all over for a lot more than 30 several years prior to someone eventually realized how trite and unempowering it was. Whilst specified factors have been integrated into the current-working day Social Butterfly badge for Juniors, the first necessities for this Cinderella-esque badge concentrated mainly on sustaining suitable cleanliness and “the value of great grooming, posture, and appropriateness of clothing,” which seems really petty when compared to the advantage badges Boy Scouts were earning all-around the exact time for extra significant topics like aviation and conservation.

Though there isn’t a ton of info out there about which particular dances Lady Scouts necessary to learn to get paid this badge, the Folks Dancing badge was a person of the most popular honors when the Cadette stage of Girl Scouting was born in 1963. By the time the 1970s rolled all around, even so, it was basically out of date . It also comes about to be just one of the rarest and most hugely sought right after collectible badges on the world (you can discover them on eBay for about $4 a pop).

With a badge sporting a classic lute, new music-loving Cadette Woman Scouts who managed to master a few traditional American folk tunes, a few common people tunes well-known from other nations, two art tracks (vocals sung with piano accompaniment), and two music showcasing sophisticated melodies could gain this now-well known collectible from 1929 to 1980.

Cookery Class

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The Invalid Cooking badge was just one of the original 27 proficiency badges outlined in the early times of the Girl Scouts. Among 1918 and 1920, it was bestowed upon Scouts who could make foods that would provide simple nourishment—like gruel, milk toast, barley water, beef tea, chicken jelly, clam or oyster soup, and a complex fermented dairy item identified as kumyss—and hold folks alive even if they weren’t equipped to digest a lot.

Amid other badge-earning options geared toward each day feminine activities—although, to their credit history, there was a Boy Scout equivalent in the variety of the Laundry Person benefit badge—Girl Scouts were being rewarded with a badge for finding out well-known homemaker functions like washing, ironing, and starching blouses, softening really hard drinking water, making use of starch and soap adequately, and pressing skirts.


Even though the notion of this badge may perhaps mechanically conjure up scenes of colonization and imperialism in the Wild West, earning the Pioneer badge had additional to do with survival camping when it was introduced in 1913. Incorporated between the abilities ladies experienced to study ended up how to how to establish a rudimentary shelter, tie six knots, assemble a hearth, cook dinner standard foods, locate and purify drinking water, and use an axe, observed, and hatchet. Its initial style, which was readily available until finally 1938, highlighted two crossed axes, even though afterwards versions depicted a Native American teepee. These Intermediate and Cadette Proficiency badges have been formally retired in 1980.

Farmwork was a significant element of lifestyle for lots of early Lady Scouts of all ages. As a final result, they had a likelihood to get paid the Dairy Maid proficiency badge from 1913 to 1918 for completing duties like churning butter, screening samples of cow’s milk with a sulfuric acid compound through the Babcock Check, cleansing pans and utensils applied to milk cows, and—among other reality checks—raising, killing, and serving poultry.

The palour maid. Hand-colored lantern slide. Around 1905 - 1910.


As a way to prepare younger girls for what were being guaranteed to become everyday duties and expectations as a homemaker, the Matron Housekeeper badge was awarded to Lady Scouts who acquired to wash home windows, vacuum, polish and stain hardwood floors, adequately clean up dishes, and polish silverware. Available from 1913 to 1918, badge recipients were being also expected to discover about several forms of meat, seafood, and video game and how substantially they value preserving monitor of seasonal make, so they’d normally know when fruits and veggies were at their ripest figuring out how to measure and order flour, sugar, cereal and rice and planning the kitchen and household for the rest of the relatives.

Introduced in 1963 and presented till 1980, the Gypsy badge, which pictured a hobo-like rucksack trapped to a pole, was all about primary full-working day hikes. Junior-degree girls ended up predicted to strategy a secure route, carry sufficient foods to cook dinner for themselves and any accompanying ladies, build a hearth, gown correctly, and carry the correct tools—which, for these purposes, meant a rope, bandana, and the right feeding on utensils. Singing hiking tracks, recognizing unexpected emergency to start with help, tying knots, navigating with a compass, and dealing with a knife ended up also necessary, as was instructing other individuals a match to perform as you hiked.

This terribly-named badge, which was introduced in the early 2000s and retired in 2011, aimed to educate Juniors about the horrors of oil spills, like what comes about to wildlife and what it is like to be a scientist or rescue employee charged with cleansing them up. When most requirements focused on fossils, tracking the quantity of petroleum-derived merchandise in a week, and understanding about the language and society of individuals residing in oil-generating locations all over the world, a main part was truly generating your individual oil spill by pouring vegetable oil into a pan of water with sand and wood objects (to recreate a beach front scene) and trying to take away it with a string, spoon, and by soaking it up with paper towels and cotton balls.

Young girl playing detective

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This Cadette and Senior stage desire challenge award, initiated in 1997 and phased out in 2011, demanded Woman Scouts to look into the ins and outs of law enforcement by interviewing police officers, hosting crime-and-justice-themed slumber parties, and keeping mock trials dependent on problems that influence teens, between other in-depth assessments and activities. Investigating lawsuits pertaining to college students and mastering about polygraph exams, DNA testing, and fingerprinting ended up also outlined as optional demands desired to get paid this oddly severe Female Scouts badge.

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