11 Miniature Mischief-Makers From Earth Folklore

Human beings have generally looked for an justification when a thing goes erroneous, and ordinarily, mythical creatures have frequently presented the perfect scapegoat. The milk has curdled? Ought to be a brownie. Instruments absent missing? Blame the knockers. A person drank all your wine? Cellar must be infested with clurichauns.

Folklore about the entire world provides us with a host of these compact fairy-like creatures, regularly treading a wonderful line concerning the malevolent and benevolent, and worryingly fast to get offense. So subsequent time you break a vase or shed your keys, right here are a sampling of miniature mischief-makers to choose the blame.

Brownies are little, usually helpful spirits originating in Scotland and northern England. They are commonly male and reside in the house carrying out helpful domestic duties such as churning butter or sharpening flooring. Brownies are both clad in rags or naked, and some folktales say that if you give outfits to a brownie they will depart your property, possibly due to the fact they now have pleasant new apparel or since they are affronted by the present.

Be warned, nevertheless: Brownies are speedy to anger, and if you irritate a brownie you may possibly are living to regret it, as these after-useful domestic good friends can convert into boggarts. Boggarts are brownies absent bad—they break issues, toss matters, and are commonly horrible house visitors.

Cornwall, one location of the tits. Image credit: iStock


are small, typically benevolent creatures said to inhabit the tin mines of Cornwall Welsh miners had a comparable character regarded as the coblynau. Some feel the myth created from the odd knocking seems miners read although down the mine, the mysterious noises getting attributed to the dwarf-like creatures assumed to inhabit the subterranean world.

A lot of considered the knockers were helpful, alerting miners to wealthy seams of ore or warning them absent from locations liable to collapse. But like most fairy people, the tits have been also found as eager pranksters and blamed every single time a piece of tools went lacking or someone received misplaced down the mine. To appease the titties, miners would go away foods choices on the floors of the mine and ensured they always spoke respectfully of the small creatures, so as to not provoke their ire.

All through the California gold hurry Cornish miners ended up in significant desire thanks to their excellent mining techniques, and as a end result these legendary creatures distribute to the United States, in which they were being often referred to as TommyKnockers.

Trow are explained as little, hideous, deformed creatures at times invisible to humans. At night the trow ended up imagined to crack into residences to warm by themselves close to the hearth, although the terrified inhabitants cowered in their beds waiting around for them to depart. In some folklore the trow were explained to stay in the historic mounds named howes uncovered throughout Orkney and Shetland below they had lavish underground residences, in which they hosted get-togethers and often kidnapped hapless human beings who were being compelled to engage in endless jigs while the trow danced all night time long. Trow also delight in leading to mischief and so ended up typically blamed when the milk or ale went bitter or a little something received shed even so, if a human managed to locate an item belonging to a trow it was stated to bestow its fantastic luck on them.

A kobold by Willy Pogány via Wikipeda //  Public Area

Kobolds are pointy-eared goblins uncovered in German folklore. Rather like brownies, they are household sprites, building their houses in your home. Handle a kobold correct and they will aid out with chores, but annoy a single (and let’s facial area it, most of these tiny people are rather very easily aggravated) and they will transform to mischief—toppling individuals over, hiding things, and frequently triggering problems.

In German mythology there are three forms of kobold: the residence goblin, the kobold that inhabits mines (like the Cornish knocker), and a sea-faring kobold who life aboard ships supporting out with chores or creating mischief depending on his temper. Because of to their unpredictable character, the kobolds were generally noticed as unwanted house guests or lousy omens—and is it any question when sure myths explain to of angry kobolds chopping up the kitchen area boy and adding him to the cooking pot?

Pixies (or piskys) are the common miniature mischief-makers of English folklore. Far more normally found in the West Country (Devon and Cornwall), pixies are claimed to be incredibly small spirits, who don normal hues these kinds of as greens and browns. Pixies appreciate to enjoy pranks and induce trouble and have been traditionally blamed for all sorts of minor upsets, this kind of as a blown-out candle, mysterious tapping, or an product having lost. Pixies have been mentioned to be the scourge of travelers, as they have a pattern of main men and women astray, leaving them missing and disoriented. This gave rise to the word pixie-led, or pixilated, that means bewildered or befuddled.

Clyde Robinson via Flickr // CC BY 2.

Leprechauns are in all probability the most popular mischievous fairy people, instantaneously recognizable by their crimson hair and beards, smart emerald-eco-friendly satisfies, and fast-witted Irish allure. The word leprechaun is likely derived from the old Irish phrase Lú Chorpain, that means little body, and is also affiliated with the Irish phrase for shoe maker—leath bhrógan (the creatures are regularly depicted as cobblers).

Tales of leprechauns have existed for hundreds of years, and human obsession with the devious minimal creatures has probably been stoked by tales of their famous pots of gold. Quite a few of the myths surrounding the leprechauns revolve all around tales of a human’s greedy and avaricious nature, which the leprechauns expose. A common story involves a male capturing a leprechaun and demanding to know the place his pot of gold is buried. The leprechaun then suggests the tree, and the guy ties a red handkerchief on the tree so he might return with a shovel. Even so, when the male returns he discovers the wily leprechaun has tied pink handkerchiefs to all the bordering trees, therefore defending his gold from discovery.

Like their fairy cousins the leprechauns, clurichauns are smaller purple-headed chaps in neatly turned-out fits, but these sprites are the wild child of folklore, and love to get roaring drunk. Clurichauns inhabit wine cellars, and as their ruddy complexion attests, commit most of their time sampling the contents of the hapless publican’s or homeowner’s alcohol retail outlet. However, if you continue to keep your clurichaun pleased (by holding your wine cellar effectively-stocked), he will defend your wine casks from leaks annoy him, however, and soon all your wine will go poor and chaos will descend. Clurichauns really like practically nothing better than a jolly superior get together and immediately after a consume or a few will frequently strike up a rousing rendition of an Irish folk song whilst driving all over your house on the pet dog—what could be a lot more charming?

Duendes are smaller elf-like creatures initially from Iberian folklore, a custom that later migrated to South The usa. Notably, they have no thumbs. They have been recognised to be both equally very good and bad, but all duendes are susceptible to mischief-generating and will correct revenge if they truly feel they have been wronged. Throughout the Spanish-speaking entire world, several mother and father use tales of the duende thieving naughty young children to really encourage their offspring to behave. Like numerous goblins, duende like to skulk in dim corners of bedrooms or under beds, and be warned if you like to snooze with your feet outside the covers—they have been recognized to unintentionally get off a toe or two when making an attempt to trim the unkempt toenails of unsuspecting little ones.


are Korean goblins that appear in lots of guises. They are made when a discarded residence merchandise, these as a broom or a wood spoon, gains a spirit and will become animate. Dokkaebi are reported to be hideous and troll-like in appearance and some have just 1 leg. Eager tricksters, they take pleasure in taunting humans, using their powers of persuasion to persuade men and women to have out pointless responsibilities like wrestling all night time extensive. These Korean goblins can also condition-shift, and some tales tell of them reworking into a attractive girl in buy to seduce guileless adult males. Some dokkabei possess a magic club that makes it possible for them to summon any product they like, but every time they magically summon one thing, it disappears from its primary home.

Boroboro-Tonas depicted by Toriyama Sekien via Wikipedia // Public Area

Like the Korean dokkaebi, Japanese tsukumogami are possessed residence objects. Custom has it that any device more than 100 many years old may well turn out to be animated with a soul and come to life. Each yr on the Japanese New 12 months, individuals toss out their old resources. Unfortunately the discarded tools are really bitter about becoming thrown away just after all their tricky get the job done, and so return to their houses to wreak havoc.

The tsukumogami arrive in quite a few types, with lots of tales telling of their exploits. One particular specifically fearsome tsukumogami is Boroboro-Ton, a tattered old futon that comes to daily life and tries to suffocate any human who dares snooze upon it by wrapping its raggedy type all over them. In buy to try and avert old objects reworking into malicious tsukumogami, some individuals get them to the temple to be burned in the hope that they will shift fortunately on to the afterlife.


originate in French folklore and have spread with French settlers to spots this sort of as Quebec and Cajun territory. Lutins are hobgoblins whose principal job in daily life is to induce strife for human beings. They carry out all the common fairy tips, like earning foods go negative and stealing matters, but their exceptional skill is hair-associated mischief. Lutins love to produce knots in the hair of horses or individuals and have been identified to slice off the hair from unsuspecting sleeping humans. Some lutins have unique magical objects these types of as a hat which bestows the electricity of invisibility, a very handy instrument when enjoying pranks. But anxiety not, the naughty lutin can be frightened off with a luckily plentiful resource—a liberal sprinkling of salt.

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