11 Advertising Slogans That Became Catch-Phrases

Again in the days when there were only three Tv set channels to decide on from and no way to speedy-ahead via the commercials, advertising and marketing slogans caught with us and had been on a regular basis recurring in everyday conversation (just like those people mad guys on Madison Avenue hoped). Today’s immediate-hearth exclusive consequences-laden spots really don’t seem to be to have the memorability component of yesteryear’s Clio winners. See how numerous of these phrases you’ve uttered by yourself, even when you no longer remembered the context or products.


This 1971 Alka-Seltzer was just one of the first established by the then-new Wells, Prosperous, Greene promoting agency. The tag phrase shortly took on a existence of its have (how many moms made use of it to influence their picky eaters to try to eat their broccoli?) and assisted to get the commercial elected to the Clio Awards Traditional Corridor of Fame.


A calendar year after their “Try it, you will like it” triumph, Wells, Abundant, Greene came up with a different unforgettable phrase to advertise Alka-Seltzer: “I can not feel I ate the total issue.” The line, moaned in the Tv set place by very poor, miserable Ralph to his sleepy wife, arrived to copywriter Howie Cohen right after overindulging at a meal party.

A lot of people keep in mind the tag line but not the products from this very long-operating advertisement that debuted in 1972. The “secret” staying hawked was Calgon, a water softening powder that allegedly assisted get laundry 30 % whiter when added to your regular detergent.

Softer tub water apparently was the vital to washing away the each day stress of targeted visitors, screaming youngsters, barking canines, and cranky husbands. The first Calgon bath powder was just a a little bit diverse variation of the softening agent sold for laundry use (the products identify is a portmanteau of Calcium Gone), but afterwards the line was expanded to include things like foaming milk baths and scented salts.

“Dishpan hands” were the bane of each and every homemaker’s lifestyle prior to computerized dishwashers turned conventional kitchen gear (in accordance to the 2010 Census, 65 percent of American kitchens were equipped with a dishwasher). Rubber gloves supply a stable protecting barrier between scorching drinking water, detergent, and human flesh, but evidently that was just far too utilitarian a resolution for the brands of dishwashing liquid. Several models, these as Vel and Ivory Liquid, boasted that their lack of “harsh chemicals” was gentler on arms than other soaps, but Palmolive took it a step even further and positioned their dish cleaning soap on the exact stage as dear moisturizers. Just take it from Madge, the all-recognizing manicurist: That rather green stuff softens your hands while you scrub pots and pans.

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This catchy phrase was coined in 1975 by the Ogilvy and Mather company as “Don’t depart residence without them.” “Them,” in this circumstance, referred to American Categorical Traveler’s Checks, and the somber warning was sent by actor Karl Malden, who was co-starring as a hard-boiled homicide detective on The Streets of San Francisco at the time. At some point American Specific altered the phrase to advertise their credit history card (using the thriving “Do you know me?” marketing campaign).

Stuffing or potatoes? Preferences fantastic/much less filling? When it comes to culinary feuds, a single of the longest-working and however enduring has to be butter vs . margarine. Today, the argument predominantly breaks down into a dietary trans-excess fat, polyunsaturated complex-type discussion. But back in the early 1970s, customers cared much more that their margarine-of-alternative tasted like the butter it was 33 per cent less pricey than.


This tag line was a gold mine for stand-up comedians of the period, who spelled aid from L-I-Q-U-O-R to items we can’t mention right here. On the other hand, the “relief” sought in this situation was for acid indigestion, and Rolaids was the remedy. The minty antacids shed a whole lot of marketplace share right after H2 blockers (these as Pepcid AC) began selling more than the counter, so the corporation just lately resurrected their catchiest slogan in a series of commercials featuring Food stuff Network chef Guy Fieri.


This considerably titillating tease was utilised for yrs to provide Pass up Clairol hair coloring. (The answer, by the way, was “Only her hairdresser is familiar with for absolutely sure.”) It was preferable that laymen (and catty girlfriends) could not inform at a look that you have been touching up the ol’ grey a bit by means of synthetic signifies.


Retired manicurist-turned-character actress Clara Peller was really hard of hearing, which is why she happened to bellow her famous line like a foghorn. A year immediately after filming her 1st Wendy’s commercial, Peller filmed an ad for Prego pasta sauce, wherein she introduced she’d “finally found it” (i.e. the beef). The hamburger chain terminated her agreement, leaving Peller (who evidently did not comprehensively realize the “non compete” clause she’d signed) to gripe, “I’ve produced them tens of millions, and they never appreciate me.”

The phrase that has entered the lexicon to describe a person who is a perpetual also-ran was essentially coined again in 1925 to market Listerine Mouthwash. There is an essential lesson right here: Getting camel breath could prevent you from landing a husband, but it will not protect against your newly-engaged friends from inquiring you to commit hundreds of dollars on a pink polyester puffy-sleeved costume you’ll only put on after.

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