10 Widespread Crossword Puzzle Words and phrases You Should Know

Cracking a crossword isn’t just about wits—you get much better the additional you do them and the much more you grow to be accustomed to prevalent tips and familiar beats. In The Crossword of the Century, creator Alan Connor devotes a section in his 100-calendar year chronicle of the medium to “phrases discovered additional generally in crosswords than true daily life.” It should really be observed: There are significantly much more frequent words in crosswords and life (era, area, and one particular, for illustration), but these are the head scratchers that experience like they are living completely to be penned (or penciled! no judgment here) onto the area of a newspaper or journal.

A 14th-century phrase that refers to the facet of a vessel that is out of the wind.

Drawing of Jason and the Argonauts.

Drawing of Jason and the Argonauts. / Hulton Archive/Getty Pictures

The identify of a 2012 film as nicely as a cornstarch brand, Argo is also the name of the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed in search of the Golden Fleece, as properly as a constellation in the southern hemisphere.

A 19th-century word indicating “at sea.”

As you may possibly have noticed by now, vowel-weighty words are common in the crossword entire world. Connor notes that though the flightless hen usually gets the notice, eau (as in the French term for drinking water) and Eu (or European Forex Device, the precursor to the euro) are identical and oft-utilised solutions.

The nine Muses.

The 9 Muses. / Hulton Archive/Getty Photographs

Just one of the Greek muses, she is a preferred both for the reason that of the variety of vowels in her title and for the practical double that means of “muse” relying on no matter whether it is a verb or a noun.

Circa 597 BC, An engraving of the Greek poetess Sappho (650 - c.590 BC) by Charles Oliver Murray.

Circa 597 BC, An engraving of the Greek poetess Sappho (650 – c.590 BC) by Charles Oliver Murray. / Hulton Archive/Getty Pictures

Shakespeare is the explanation we all know about iambic pentameter, but the Greeks arrived up with it (and immediately after a number of mentions, we can safely say there is a sample listed here suggesting that a performing information of the historical civilization will serve you properly in the crossword sport).

Psst: this 1 can be difficult for the reason that it doesn’t have any vowels. All-consonant words are significantly hard to occur by when you get past a few letters, although abbreviations can usually pop up in their put.

Mostly usually linked with Mr. Smee, Captain Hook’s ideal-hand guy in Peter Pan, the time period can also refer to a duck, which means the frequent threads there are h2o and a basic perception of being underappreciated.

Londoners and New Yorkers each have a neighborhood bearing this identify, but in the 19th century, it was also utilised as an exclamation (occasionally exclusively when a particular person spotted a hare).

Alright, this one particular may operate amok in the globe of black and white containers and inside of the walls of doctors’ workplaces. The crimson, unpleasant lump that can pop up on or close to your eyelid is also known to be a soreness when completing the crossword, for the reason that it is occasionally spelled without the “e.” The complications will not stop there, although, for the reason that “sty” can also be a position exactly where pigs reside.

A variation of this story initially ran in 2016 it has been up-to-date for 2022.

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